We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, distributor, wholesaler, trader and retailer of Ultrasonic Machines.

The provided products can be availed in different models and customized options as per the demands of the clients.

About Us

Unitech Allied Automation has been a major in the field of Ultrasonic Machines that offer more effective & efficient methods of welding, drilling and cutting etc. Our company is actively engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of a range of the machines that find extensive applications in many industries, including electrical, automotive, packaging, medical and aerospace. The offered range comprises Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Drilling Machine, Ultrasonic Cutting Machine, Induction Heating Machine, and more.

As a key manufacturer and global supplier we provide the right solutions to industrial clients that meet their specific need & application. Our systems are easy to use, safe & reliable in nature and help you to cut down labor costs while increasing your profit potential. We cater as well as meet requirements of your current as well as new business. And we try to offer the very best Ultrasonic Machines sufficient to perform impressive machining. 

Our ultrasonic technologies are economic, productive and innovative - they ensure excellent process control, accuracy and repeatable quality results. For instance, Ultrasonic welding serves as the best suited joining technology for large production settings. It is normally utilized for plastics, and particularly for joining dissimilar materials. In ultrasonic welding, there are no connection bolts, soldering materials or adhesives to join the materials together. Also, the method of ultrasonic welding is highly efficient, fast, non-contaminating and involves no consumables. Apart from welding, Ultrasonic Machines are also utilized to stake, insert, stud weld, and spot weld thermoplastics, seal, slit & laminate thermoplastic films as well as fabrics. 

Our Advantages:

  • Adjustable to clients' needs
  • Quality products that provide practical solutions
  • Extensive experience in Ultrasonic technology fields
  • Fit the needs of improved productivity, safety & line flexibility 
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